Church plants

Our aim is to partner with dioceses to help plant Resource Churches and hundreds of other churches and sites in key towns, cities and areas of high deprivation across the UK.

In line with the CofE’s strategy for growth, CRT works with dioceses to plant Resource Churches – church plants that will become hubs for resourcing and planting within their diocese – using a model of church planting that has grown out of HTB’s experience of church planting activity over the last 30 years.

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Since 1985, HTB has helped initiate over 100 church plants, including St Peter’s Brighton, Preston Minster and Gas Street, Birmingham. Anglican churches – often facing closure – have been restored, revitalised and are now home to vibrant, worshipping communities that have a significant impact on their local areas. 

In 2021, we partnered with several different dioceses to launch 21 church plants across the UK. 

We've supported the planting of vibrant churches both in strategic city centre locations and in areas of acute deprivation across the UK.