Transform is a new Learning Community designed for HTB Network church leaders and their senior teams, exploring how to lead healthy, effective and growing churches to help us to “play our part in the evangelisation of the nation, the revitalisation of the Church and the transformation of society”.

What is Transform?

Transform Learning Community is an event for HTB Network Churches to gather together to reimagine where you want to go as a Church and be given the tools and models that will help you to achieve this.

It is a 2-year commitment and includes two overnight gatherings per year, in-person at HTB – four gatherings in total across the two years. To help frame our learnings, there will be times of worship, ministry of the Spirit and a celebratory dinner!

Transform Dates:
– 23rd & 24th March 2023
– 19th & 20th October 2023
– 14th & 15th March 2024
– 17th & 18th October 2024

Each Transform gathering will run from 10:00 on Thursday to 14:30 on Friday.

Whether you are a resource, town, rural or estate church – Transform has been designed specifically for you. The learning community is based on principles, practical application and peer to peer cohort learning. This interactive learning approach requires a high level of buy-in and accountability where everyone is both a teacher and a learner. The Learning Community gathers every six months across the two year period. Between gatherings we provide a framework for accountability and ongoing support, which leads to significant results. Churches are grouped by size for peer level learning.

Each Senior Leader is invited to bring a minimum of 3 people from your leadership team, these must include; staff members, leaders and the key decision-makers in your Church. For smaller Churches this might include members of the PCC or key volunteers. It is the senior leaders responsibility to identify and invite these leaders and the senior leader must attend all four gatherings.

Why Transform?

After gathering feedback from the Network Senior Leaders Retreats, we noticed a gap in our network support programme of events, specifically in regard to Churches that have already launched having scaffolding around them, enabling them to flourish at every stage of transition. 

We have asked,  how can we better equip churches to be healthy and continue in their mission tackling some of the common challenges in early launch years, the plateau phases and up to succession? How can we support one another better to combat isolation and burn out? How can we turbo boost our network to multiply and raise up dynamic leaders of the future?

After seeing the impact and success of cohort learning on the Accelerator Programme, we began to assess if a similar type of model could be suitable for our whole Network. Our search led us to Peterborough’s KingsGate Learning Community (which is run in collaboration with ARC and Gateway Church) who have generously offered to partner with us to deliver our own Learning Community called ‘Transform’.

Transform will replace Assemble and the Jan/Feb Senior Leaders Retreats. We hope you will join us on this new adventure.

What is the theme?

We have been designing the curriculum for Transform and are excited to announce that our theme for this 2-year cycle is Building Better! This will include; Missional Expansion, Spiritual Health and Wellbeing, Community Vitality and Organisational Strengthening.

We will begin by focussing on Missional Expansion, which is particularly relevant in these challenging times. We will spend our time together re-imagining what the next decade might look like if we were truly to become missional churches equipped to re-evangelise our nations, revitalise our churches, and transform society.

With the help of some fantastic practitioners we will be exploring models, ideas and best practice for the following:

  • How can we effectively mobilise volunteers?
  • How can we equip and re-fire our churches for evangelism?
  • How can we develop our social action ministry to advance the Kingdom?
  • How can we effectively engage in the workplace, the arts and media?
  • How can we be effective in mission in the digital space, particularly reaching the next generation?
  • How can we embrace diversity in mission (socio-economic, cultural etc)?

Alongside this, we will allow space in each gathering to focus on our own spiritual health and wellbeing as leaders, as this is so critical and relevant to all that we are and do.

How much does Transform cost?

Transform costs £187.50 to attend per gathering, per person. With your team of 4 people; the Senior Leader and three others, this costs £750.00 total per gathering. You are welcome to bring additional team members if you would like, the cost of additional places is £187.50 per person, per gathering.

Food; Lunch and dinner on Thursday and breakfast and lunch on Friday is included in the above prices.

Other costs you will need to consider are travel and accommodation. We are currently working with local hoteliers to secure discounted rates, we will be able to share further details on that shortly.

How do I register and pay?

Please follow the red button at the end of this page to register for Transform. On the link you will be able to confirm your place and select your payment option. There are two payment options available, meaning you don’t have to pay the full cost up-front.

After you have registered you will be sent a short questionnaire to complete, this will help us to plan Transform so it best serves you and your church.

What if I can’t afford to attend Transform?

We certainly don’t want financial restriction to stop anyone from attending Transform, we believe it is critical for our Network in this season to be on this journey together. As such, bursaries are available upon request – please contact CRT’s head of events Phill Gray for more information:


We are so excited about God will do through Transform and through you in this next season of leadership. To register for your place at Transform, please click below.

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