Our annual HTB Network Magazine is a celebration of our family of churches, and a snapshot of how God has been at work in our church plants, and in their wider communities.

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Revitalise Edition 6

The theme of edition six is ‘Reviving the Heart of the Nation’. Our prayer is to see a revitalised Church at the heart of every city, estate, town or rural parish, one passionate about serving its community, whether that’s responding to the cost-of-living crisis, war and refugee resettlements or helping congregation members through addiction.

We hear from Archie Coates and Ray Driscoll; as well as celebrating the launch of 29 new church plants in cities and towns including Basingstoke and Wyken. We also have a special feature called “Choosing between Heating, Eating and Meeting Bills”; where we hear from Bruce Cornell, the CEO of Crosslight Advice, on what we, the Church, can do to help those struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. We hope you enjoy this latest edition.

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My Five Answers

In this edition of My Five Answers we hear from Annie Ellis on rebuilding commpassionate communities through Love Your Neighbour and from Dr. Chi-Chi on rebuilding the mental health of the Nation and the Church’s role within it.

Annie Ellis My Five Answers: Compassionate Communities

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Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya My Five Answers: Rebuilding the Mental Health of the Nation

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Stories from the Network

We visited Janie and James Cronin from Nelson Street Church in Rochdale, and Ryan Forey from Citizen Church Cardiff in Cathays, who both planted churches in 2020. Here they share how planting a church during a pandemic has been, engaging the new community and their vision for the future.

Janie and James Cronin: Rebuilding the narrative of Rochdale

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Ryan Forey: Rebuilding a thriving Church Community in Cardiff

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My story

“I don’t want to fight people anymore; I want to love people.” In this edition of REVITALISE, Jamie Sewell, a member of the Peter Stream co-hort, share with us his journey of coming to faith, finding belonging and discovering his passion to fight the good fight regardless of his academic background.

Jamie Sewell My Story: Fighting the Good Fight

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Stories of Revitalisation

Read the latest updates, stories and blogs from CRT and the churches we support.