Five Creative Ways to Connect with Your Church Family

Joining a church can be daunting for many people. Whilst joining a connect group and volunteering on a team are great ways to get involved, Matt Rowbotham, from naborly, shares some more out of the box ideas to get you connected and feeling like you’re at home. 

1. Find out who lives in your area

By nature, we tend to spend more time with people that live closest to us as the travel blocker is removed. Ask staff members to connect you with people located near you and invite a group together for coffee, dinner or just a walk in the park!

2. Host a games night

Ever feel like you’re running out of small talk over dinner? Games nights are a great way to take the pressure off meeting new people, break the ice and bond over something fun. Pub quizzes also work well to remove any awkwardness!

3. Listen out for meetups and gatherings

Although it’s often hard to discover them as a newbie, there are tons of social gatherings happening every week across churches. You may even find there are existing Whatsapp groups used to organise socials. Ask a staff member at church if anything already exists for you to join and if not – start one yourself!

4. Be consistent

Showing up most weeks with an open mind is one of the best tools at your disposal to meet new people. Whilst building a community can be tricky at the start, it does get easier over time as you recognise people’s faces and they yours. Keep showing up!

5. Use technology

The digital world can provide incredibly useful tools to get us connected. naborly, helps congregation members build community through their locations interest, and enables Christians to go deeper with their friends. Download it in the App stores