Assemble 2022

We loved being back in person for Assemble this year! Assemble is our annual gathering of worship, prayer and ministry with staff teams across the church network.  

This year, we gathered across six hubs: Bristol, Coventry, London, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Preston. A new model for us but one that worked. Here are a few highlights from the day… 

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In 2021, we were pleased to partner with 22 new churches across the UK, including many in areas of acute deprivation; we saw a range of diverse leaders trained and equipped to plant churches in the places God has called them to be, and we continued to see churches across the Network mobilised to meet the needs of their communities in extraordinary ways.

Watch our Assemble 2022 film to see it all in action.

A Year in Numbers


churches planted across the UK


leaders on the Peter and Caleb Stream


people received employment advice & debt support


meals provided since March 2020

Our Growing Network

The HTB Network of planted and adopted churches continues to grow. We are so excited to be working in partnership with dioceses across the country and look forward to announcing forthcoming plants soon… 

HTB network map

An Equipped Network

We know how strengthening and encouraging it is when we can gather to support and learn from each other. Here’s a little of what was shared following Assemble: 

The calling to prayer about Prison Ministry struck me as I’ve started conversations regarding a prison in our parish. Also, hearing from people on the Peter Stream was encouraging and stirred something in me – which I didn’t know was there.” 

Encouragement – we can never underestimate the power of the network touch points that really inspire and help keep us encouraged that we’re not alone, there is so much to celebrate.” 

Whilst we don’t have enough regular work to employ someone, it was interesting to chat to the other Operation Managers who said that maybe we could jointly employ someone between our churches. This might make a complete role possibly to employ someone full-time.”