Assemble 2021

Over 750 screens, representing staff teams from across the HTB Network gathered together to worship, share stories and take part in seminar streams. While the past year has been very challenging, we were so encouraged to hear stories of how God has used the difficult times and the church has served communities in many powerful ways across the country.

Assemble 2021 was a celebration

Celebrating our eight new church plants

St. Francis, Mackworth

Hope Church, Wrexham

St Leonard’s, Shoreditch

St Winfrid’s, Southampton

Citizen Church, Cardif

Nelson Street Church

St Barnabas, Liverpool

St Wilfrid’s, Bognor

Network news

We loved hearing updates from churches across the Network. We heard from Liverpool, Derby, Crawley, Hackney, Hounslow, Bristol, Gosport, Wrexham and Preston; we heard how these churches have been planting, running Alpha and reaching out to their communities in a whole range of ways through Love Your Neighbour initiatives.

A year in numbers


Churches in the HTB Network


Church planters on the Accelerator programme


Students graduated from St Mellitus College


Meals delivered
every month

Equipping the network

During Assemble 2021, we had the opportunity to hear specialised teaching on a range of topics from Discipleship to Digital Engagement. Here’s what people had to say

“I am so excited to be part of a Network of churches running after Jesus and seeing transformation all over the country.”

“I feel so encouraged to keep serving God and others by playing my part using the gifts, skills and abilities He has given me to help advance His kingdom.”

“It was a great event for our whole team. When we met afterwards there was a wonderful sense of being part of something bigger. Everyone left their seminar with something to think about.”

“This is one big family and the culture of encouragement and hope is so life giving.”

“We were delighted to read the feedback following Assemble 2021, thank you to everyone who took the time to write in. It is a privilege and a joy to support the Network who are doing such a brilliant job of serving their local communities.”