For HTB's Planting Curates

The 12-month Accelerator Programme is designed to provide and prepare our future leaders to plant a Church with the best possible support, resource and training.

This is currently a closed programme for CRT’s final-year planting curates in preparation for planting.


The 3 Core Elements


Leadership Development






The Accelerator Programme is custom made to complement the leader's experience and skill sets in these three areas.

24 Chapters are divided between the Autumn and Spring Term. These Chapters will draw on the best speakers in the field and Network Leaders who have the on-the-ground experience of planting churches. We believe, through a combination of exceptional speakers, teachers and church leaders, the training is of the highest quality. Over the 24 Chapters, the planting curates will develop: personal areas of integrity, resilience and vision; pastoring, building a team, leadership coaching and 1-1 mentoring; and lastly operations training of IT, HR, Finance, Legal, Safeguarding.

In the Summer Term, the planting curates will have time to finish their preparations for planting, mapping out their city, building their brand and preparing for their Launch Day. There are excellent leadership training courses over the Summer Term: the Coaching for Leadership Course, the Distinctive Leadership Course and the Leadership Conference – all of which we believe will facilitate them to be the exceptional leaders God is calling them to be. 

There will be a site visit to one of the Network Churches in each Term, one in London and other in Brighton; which includes a visit to a church plant on an estate.

Throughout the Accelerator Programme, we encourage the planting curates to experience and fully immerse themselves in running social transformational ministries, such as Alpha, The Marriage Course, Hospital Ministry, Prison Ministry, and other social action projects.



+ Social Transformation

Making a difference in the local community with our partners.

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Network Support

The HTB Network is a family that aims to support, encourage and resource all its network churches, including CCRCs, first, second and third generation plants across the country.

It aims to foster close relationships between the leaders and their teams, provide forums for ongoing training, resources and facilitate two annual gatherings at Focus and Leadership Conference where the wider congregations can meet, share best practices and have fun!